How can I be of help?

If you find yourself in one of the situations described below, I can help as a psychotherapist or psychologist in Iasi. We will be partners during psychotherapy sessions, and together we will find those solutions that work best for you. We will set realistic goals for the psychology and psychotherapy sessions, which we will achieve together, all in a warm and comforting setting -

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You are going through a difficult period?

Domino CrunchWe go through difficult periods in our lives and this is perfectly normal. We often solve our problems alone, and for sure we have done that already several times in the past. But this time, you feel that no matter what you do, you seem to be failing, and any solution you try doesn't seem to be working.

Well, you're now a little bit closer to finding an answer to your questions: You have found the specialist you needed! I'm sure you already have all the resources you need to overcome this stage of your life, and I can guide you towards discovering your potential and finding your answers, with the help of psychological and psychotherapeutic methods. Together, we can find the best solution for your problem!

Your behavior makes other people worry?

Judgemental DollsIf your way of being or behaving started raising questions among your family or your friends, I can be of help. Maybe you've gone through a traumatic event, the loss of someone dear, depression, failure, or another type of suffering, or maybe you just behave differently and this concernss them.

Psychotherapy can help you in the process of discovering how to find your inner balance and how to find new alternatives and become the best version of yourself. They say that psychotherapy is a choice for the strong, intelligent people who can admit when they need support. I will offer you a slightly different perspective on your situation and you can then decide what to do next.

Your doctor recommended you to see a psychologist

If you have already seen your doctor, it means that the symptoms that you experience may have a psychological cause, or maybe a strong mind can be useful to support the treatment which you are already taking.

Psiholog IasiIndeed, many somatic symptoms (felt in the body) may be caused by some psycho-emotional imbalances: gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders, hormonal disorders, eating disorders etc. If you find yourself in such a situation, discovering the root of the problem and acting on it will help to gradually improve symptoms and ultimately make them disappear. Of course, first you have to identify and eliminate all possible medical causes.

On the other hand, if you have a medical condition and you are already under drug treatment, psychotherapy can help you and can improve the state of your medical condition. It is well known that a strong psychic can help us get well faster, easier, can help us cope better with some medical procedures, is useful in managing pain or other associated symptoms. Together we can build a strong psychic, which can face all challenges and maybe even enhance the effect of the medicine you are taking.

In any case, it is very important to know that the strength of your mind cannot replace proper medical treatment when it comes to a medical condition, so I encourage you to follow the treatment recommended by your physician along with psychological counseling and psychotherapy sessions.

You have relationship problems or family issues

Sad couple It is well known that there is no relationship without fighting more or less and, that an absolutely perfect atmosphere in the family is just a sweet dream. This is the natural way of being - from time to time, it is extremely useful to disagree. It is a way of becoming more productive, it is a path to growth, to maturity, to insights, to discoveries, to learning. But if the fights are too big, too frequent or if they bring the unwanted tension and make us sad and angry more often than satisfied with our partner, it means that the objective perspective of a psychologist might help. .

In this casees I recommend some couples therapy sessions. The good news is that there are many solutions! Firstly we can identify the struggles in communication by using easy and fun exercises. Also, we can try to improve what can be improved and we must learn to accept what we cannot change. You can suggest couples therapy to your partner, this way showing that you care and that you want to do something for the better.

The behavior of your child worries you

Child Children, but more often teenagers, can sometimes act, say, or believe things that make parents feel powerless or even worried. I am sure that you always did what was best for your child, and that you tried to give them everything they needed, but there are moments when the methods you once found effective, seem to fail in bringing the results that you desire. Sometimes, out of too much love for them, you miss the appropriate solution, and when so many factors are involved in their development, you can feel defeated, and cannot grasp those alternatives that could make things better.

Together we can! We will find the most suitable method to unveil the mysteries of the child or adolescent psychology and we will start to stimulate the development of your son/daughter through psychological techniques. At the same time, we will offer the perfect context for your child to better develop their personality, their desires, and their creativity in the most constructive way possible. I can assure you that your child will find our psychotherapy sessions really fun, interesting and at the same time useful and focused on our discussed goals.

You experienced a traumatic event

Sad-Woman1Losing a loved one, a bad breakup, losing your job, or other harsh experience that caused pain or suffering in your life may be something that transforms you, or changes your behavior in a negative way. You think those negative feelings will disappear after a while, but it's not always so easy...

Your state of mind can definitely be improved! There are several stages that each person experiences after a difficult event, and sometimes we get stuck in one particular stage or we feel like something is stopping us from reaching that comforting feeling of acceptance. We will learn more about the stages of grief, how to manage different feelings and we can work together to help you come to terms with what happened in your life, but in a functional and healthy way.

You want to improve something about yourself

Psihologi IasiIf you want to develop one or more aspects of your life, psychology and psychotherapy methods can certainly be helpful. You probably already know which are the things that you would like to change, so you only need to set clear goals and begin to activate the potential that you possess and that you have not discovered yet.

I assure you that the development process will be extremely interesting, you would learn new things about yourself and you will discover a new perspective on your life and your behavior. What you already know will take a new shape and you will have more time to focus on what is inside, to discover all that is important to you!

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