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How can I be of help?

I know that being in a foreign country and finding yourself in a difficult situation can be overwhelming or even impossible given the fact that there are few people who can understand... literally they can't understand, because of the language barrier.

If you need the guidance of a specialist, I can offer my support as a psychologist and a psychotherapist. We can become partners during the psychotherapy sessions. Together we will find the solutions that are best for your given problem. We will set a series of realistic goals which we will try to achieve together. All in an inviting and comforting setting - English Online Psychologist - PhD Diana Todeancă

Who am I?

Let's start with a short story...

Just like in any famous story, once upon a time, there was ... a young and brave pilot. One day, while he was preparing to do his job like every other day, he noticed that his plane, which he used all all the time, was now broken. Of course, since he was a very good pilot, he knew a lot about the way his plane works, he had even repaired it himself several times in the past, but this time it seemed he couldn't find the problem ...

Not knowing what to do, the pilot started asking around, his family and friends, but with no result ... They did not know what to do, an aircraft engine is not so easy to repair ... Finally, our pilot took the decision to call a specialist.

As soon as he arrived, the specialist checked the plane, carefully analyzed it, and with a strike of a hammer in a particular part of the engine, the aircraft restarted itself, as if it had never been broken - Well actually, it was in a pretty good shape, it was just a little blockage.

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  • As a wife, mother, student, businesswoman, I am constantly being pushed towards my limits, both physically and mentally. In this case, the problems are obvious. How can I be fine when I am really not? Where can I find the energy, peace, self-confidence, how can I function effectively as a "Robot-Mom" (as my elder son calls me)? The solution, in my case, was psychotherapy - a look towards my inner self, to the deepest parts of me, the perfect place to find inexhaustible energy. After a few sessions of therapy, small inconveniences, negative thoughts, small flaws (in my case smoking), depression, frustrations were already being driven away, and I felt full of energy, positivity, tonus and I started again to find pleasure and joy in everything what I did. Psychotherapist Diana Arghire does therapy without making you feel that you are in therapy, she does it as it would be something natural, she has a unique way of communicating, she is easy to talk to, and, the most important thing is, that she will not criticize you. Also, she has another important quality: I know that whenever I need her to be there, like a true friend, confidant, always ready to share a piece of advice, to ask a revealing question or to make a good Special effects, spectacular promises - NO! She simply heals you from within ... and it is worth every penny!  
    Bianca, 33 years old
  • With a positive attitude, an open mind and a natural talent, psychologist Diana Arghire offered me a "mirror" in which I managed to rediscover myself entirely I managed to break the loop and give up some of the old behaviors that led me to the same bad place every time when of course, as an excuse, I used to blame others and get conflictual. Looking in the "mirror" that psychologist Diana Arghire placed in front if me, I saw that I'm the one that generates the behaviors of others and I succeeded to start the process of change, of healing. I recommend you to discuss with Diana Arghire and try to "convince" her to let you look in "the mirror". You will see youself just the way that you would like to be, then the change will start for sure! Thank you for your support and care, Diana!  
                Dragos, 45 years old
  • The daily struggles I am facing at work every day had a negative effect on me. Following the recommendation of a colleague, I finally called a specialist. Soon, I realized that I have all the resorurces I need to cope with any given issue but for that, I have to get out of my comfort zone. Now my problems have turned challenges! Thank you!
    M.T., 31 years old


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For any further details you can find me at:

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